I’m a multidisciplinary artist specializing in movement design.

  • DIY & ethics of care

    DIY & ethics of care

    This project used media archaeology lab practices to explore DIY repair culture and the ‘ethics of care’. A research/creation intervention…

  • Jingle Jigsaw

    Jingle Jigsaw

    Ideation for this game began in my Master’s degree as a proposed methodology for designing dance video games which allow…

  • Dream Room

    Dream Room

    During the pandemic, in late 2020 and early 2021, artists from two separate countries couldn’t physically be together. To create…

  • Pixels Can Dance

    Pixels Can Dance

    A tiny, dance game made with the Bitsy Editor. This game is an exploration of dance animation through pixel art.…

  • The Other Market

    The Other Market

    Part game, part participatory theatre, The Other Market is an experiment in … Developed over a 3-year period, this research/creation…